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Kerava Upper Secondary School

Kerava Upper Secondary School is located near the centre of Kerava, only a few minutes´walk from the railway- and bus stations. The modern open learning environment is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and offers also facilities for extra-curricular activities.

Our school is a versatile upper secondary school for students who can complete general upper secondary education certificate and matriculation examination as well as study individual subjects and courses. Secondary education provides a general educational pathway after basic education and provides the qualification and skills needed for further studies in tertiary education; universities and polytechnics. Studying in upper secondary school is non-graded and course-based. Students may, through their own choices, have a great influence on the orientation and progress of their studies, which brings both freedom and responsibility.

In accordance with the national core curriculum of upper secondary education, an upper secondary student has to complete the minimum of 75 courses of which approximately two thirds are national compulsory courses and the remaining advanced and applied courses. The scope of the syllabus is three years but studies may be completed in two, three or the maximum of four years.

The academic year in Kerava upper secondary school is divided into five periods and within each period students usually complete 5-7 courses based on their own choices. Each period ends with a six-day exam period, during which examinations are held for the subjects conducted during that period.  Depending on the subject a number of smaller tests and course assignments during courses are part of the course assessment, too.

The following languages are available in the school curriculum: advanced syllabus in English, French, German and Russian and basic syllabus in French, German, Russian and Spanish.

In addition to completing general upper secondary school syllabus, students also complete the Finnish Matriculation Examination. Students can complete the whole examination over one examination period or do it in parts over three consecutive examination periods. The matriculation examination comprises at least four tests. The only test that is compulsory for everyone is the mother tongue exam. Students select the three other compulsory subjects from the following: a second national language, a foreign language, mathematics or an exam in one subject in the humanities and natural sciences. The examination can also include optional subjects. The examination is currently under a process of digitalization and will become fully digital by spring 2019

The City of Kerava provides each upper secondary school student with a personal computer. To-gether with up-to-date study methods, state-of-the-art technology and active use of digital teaching material, Kerava Upper Secondary School gives their students good acquirements for the digital Matriculation Examination.

In addition to the general programme, Kerava Upper Secondary School offers one weighed-curriculum option: the Mathematical Science- programme. The yearly student intake is 164 for the general programme and 36 for Mathematical Science- programme. 200 in total. In the weighed-curriculum programme students have the opportunity to complete more in-depth studies of their choice. Additionally, national-level athletes studying at our school are provided with scheduled sports coaching twice a week to enable combining professional sports and upper secondary studies.

Kerava Upper Secondary School actively co-operates with Keuda- vocational college as well as with local art institutes, especially Kerava Dance Institute. 

We aim to provide our students with more opportunities of academic development as well as the overall well-being by participating in the following nationwide development plans and programmes currently in place for general upper secondary education by the Ministry of Education and Culture: General Upper Secondary Development Network, Lesson hour distribution trial and Finnish Schools on the Move- programme. We also participate in the worldwide New Pedagogies for Deep Learning (NPDL) network together with the basic education and early childhood education and care sectors in Kerava, which makes us the only municipality in the world where all educational sectors are involved in the same development network.

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